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Tips to Help Your Homeschool Year Flow Smoothly

This is the time of year many homeschool parents organize their school area, choose curriculum, and plan for the year. As you do this, you might also be dreaming of a perfect, stress-free homeschool year. While I can't guarantee a perfect year, here are a few simple tips to help your year flow smoothly.

  1. Printing Frenzy - In past years, it seemed like I was always having to run to the computer and print a worksheet or a test for someone. So, the past few years I have had a printing frenzy week. Before school starts, I look through everyone's curriculum and print out everything they will need and organize them into folders with the child's name and subject. This way, when someone needs their Biology test #8, we can just look in the =E2=80=98Biology test' folder and smoothly pull it out.
  2. Organize the Chaos - During the summer, we go through last year's school books and put away the things we don=E2=80=99t need for the following year. This is also a good time to sell those books you will no longer need. After the book shelves are cleared off, we start filling them up with this year's curriculum books. At our house, each child has one shelf on the bookshelf to store their things. On the shelf, they keep their books, papers, and a box with their pencils, scissors, etc. We also reserve one shelf for the teacher guides. Everyone is responsible for putting their own items back on their shelf. This helps us all to smoothly keep track of our books.
  3. Avoid the Over-Scheduled Blues - In the past, I know I have sung the over-scheduled blues. Running the kids to so many different places they don't have time to get their school work done is definitely not smooth! When you are planning your outside activities for the school year, write down what activities you have for each day of the week, including the times of each event. It might look something like this:
    Sun. 9-11:30am Church

    1-1:30pm Piano Lesson
    3-4pm Spanish Class

    Wed. 7-8pm Youth Group
    Thurs. 3-4pm Spanish Class

    All of the outside activities usually sound like a good idea until we have to actually go to all of them. Hopefully, having this visual will help keep you in line with reality.
  4. Smarter School Work Scheduling - Hopefully, if you followed the advice of #3, you already have a weekly schedule. From this, you can tell at a glance what days you are busiest. To help your year run smoothly, make your busiest running day your lightest school day. On days when some of your children have an outside class and their siblings must wait with you, schedule portable subjects for the waiting siblings. Our kids can read in the car and we have a 20 minute drive to every activity, so they save their required reading for car rides on days we travel from the house.
  5. Share the Ride - Carpool! Since we live 20 minutes away from pretty much anything, we try to find others in our community going to the same classes we attend. Carpooling helps all of us get our work done smoothly. On days I don't have to drive, I can get more work done at home. The kids that aren't involved in the activity can stay home and get more work done. On days I do drive, I know I have helped another family.

I hope this helps you with your homeschool year planning. May it all go smoothly!

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Amy Smith
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